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The Cadò brand is distinguished by its production of carefully designed and functional accessories: contemporary hats and ornaments. Cadò embraces digital technologies and combines them with craftsmanship skills, resulting in minimal and archetypal shapes, mixing materialities with primary and metallic color palettes.


Functional and playful hats, designed from a paper pattern, meant for practical use and to fit in your suitcase. The Cadò hat is a genderless piece of design, a balanced mix of material and form that will accommodate your head in summer with breathable, lightweight fabrics and sun visors; in winter with warm wools or waterproof fabrics, zippers, stretch bands and specially designed flaps to keep you protected.


Jewelry with an essential, intense and refined design. The rigorous geometric layout that defines these ornaments enhances the combination of materials and finishes, a highlight throughout the collections. Minimal shapes alternate with sinuous lines, with eye-catching textural exchanges between glossy and matte resulting from the use of laser-cut plexiglass and 3D printed Nylon.


Neck fans represent the most original and appreciated invention among Cadò consumers. Precious fans in tiny sizes are worn on the neckline thanks to a comfortable drawcord: both original and handy.



Rings, earrings and necklaces are born from the mix of research, project, technology and handwork: manufacturing 4.0 as a fusion of industrial design and craftsmanship.

Materials and technology

The raw materials of Cadò ornaments are plexiglass, wood, nylon. The technologies used are laser cutting and 3D printing.

Movement and play

Ornaments interact with the body through movement and play: references of artistic, ethnic and cultural expressions.